Helping organizations meet their business objectives in the most secure manner possible.


KLM Tech Solutions LLC was formed in December of 2021 to assist companies with their Information Security, Risk Management and Privacy needs.  We can help your organization with Information Security, Risk Management and Privacy needs.

We can provide your organization with consulting and contract resources for any of your Information and Privacy needs.

Ask about our partnerships that can assist in developing and maturing your security and privacy program.

Kelly is a professional with long career in IT and over a decade of experience in Information Security and Risk Management. 

You don’t think Information Security is part of your business?

What could an incident cost you?

Your Assets
Intellectual Property

Information Security, Risk Management & Privacy Services

Below are the core services that I provide; however, I am here to help you with any Information Security or Privacy needs.

  • Consulting Services
  • Contract Resources
  • VAR and MSP Services


KLM Tech Solutions LLC’s partnership with OneTrust enhances our ability to help organizations build OneTrust-enabled, scalable, and sustainable privacy and risk management programs. 

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